ADX Full Face Flight Helmet With Communications

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The ADX is Bonehead Composites' newest full face flight helmet with communications. This light-weight and low-profile helmet is perfect for ultra-light aircraft, powered parachutes, open cockpit aerobatic aircraft and more. The helmet comes standard with communications, internal boom and microphone, a quick disconnect, your choice of visor and your choice of interchangeable main cord type (single-plug or dual-plug). Upgrade options include: CEP Ear buds. The helmet has a wide field of view and the liner and ear cups are adjustable. The can be lowered and retracted with a single hand. We recommend CEP ear buds for all aircraft except for powered parachutes.

Standard Communications: Includes a quick disconnect with your main cord (either dual-plug or single-plug). The internal microphone has an electret flex boom with foam wind muff.

CEP Upgrade: The CEP ear buds plug right into the back of the helmet for added noise protection. When using the ear buds you will get audio through both the ear buds and the helmet speakers at the same time.


  • Communications
  • Internal flex boom and mic
  • Choice of Visor
  • Choice of Main Cord
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Air Vents
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Adjustable Liner
  • Adjustable Ear Cups
  • A Lightweight 2.5 pounds

Upgrade Options:

  • CEP Upgrade

Helmets are manufactured in a solid color paint scheme. Call us with any questions or to request custom paint options - (951) 943-1166. 




Extra Small


21.25" to 21.75"



21.75" - 22.25"



22.25" - 22.75"



22.75" -  23.25"

Extra Large


23.25" - 23.75"

Extra Extra Large


23.75" - 24.00"

Measure the circumference of your head just above the eyebrows. 

The Pilot-X comes standard with the communication package that includes a two plug general aviation panel cord with an emergency disconnect at the helmet via a Nexus U-92 A/U plug. The microphone, which can be mounted on either the right or left side, is an electret flex boom with foam wind muff. Hearing options include the standard 300 ohm ear cup mounted speakers and the optional military grade ear buds (CEP).

Communication options include:

  • Boom Side
  • Junction Box Placement
  •  Headsets Inc. ANR
  • CEP Ear Buds

Perfect for aircraft such as:

  • Extra 200
  • Extra 230
  • Extra 300
  • Vans RVs
  • Pitts Special
  • Pitts Model 12
  • Super Cub
  • Carbon Cub
  • X-Cub
  • Gamebird GB1
  • MX Aircraft - MX2
  • MX Aircraft - MXS
  • P51 Mustang
  • Yak
  • Edge 540
  • L-39 Albatross
  • Long Easy
  • Helicopters
  • Warbirds
  • And many more!

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