Carbon Fiber Short Navigational board

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Bonehead Composites (JFCristopher, Inc.) has developed two different versions of the NAV-RAK to better suit the needs of military personnel.

The NAV-RAK Full is the larger of the two and can carry a much greater amount of equipment and other items.

The NavRak is a Navigational Board it is used in a variety of settings for Cross Country Canopy Navigation. The NavRak FULL, is designed for the Garmin GPS systems, the Silva LB33 or Silva 33 Floating Ball Compass. However, other versions can be designed to meet specific needs and instruments. The unit is drop and go. You can easily remove the GPS for in the field. 

The NavRak has a simple closing system. The angle of either of the board models is adjustable for easy viewing. The NavRak comes equipped with a 60 inch A7A strap for the waist. Over the shoulder and custom harness systems are optional, basically, whatever the user would like we can build. 

Features of both the NAV-RAK FULL and SHORT models:
  • Rugged Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Drop And GO
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Compact & Lightweight (18oz.)
  • Quantity Discounts Available